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No Yes How can we make this article more helpful? Sometimes migrations are done as part of server consolidation projects, where entire departments are asked to move their databases to a single server. I don't like to automate VxVM tasks too much, because there are many things that can go wrong if you let a script take full control:function make_vols {dg=idsdg1metadata=/var/tmp/$dg.configplexes=$(vxprint -g $dg -mte nm fixed kiran-d Level 2 ‎10-30-2013 08:28 PM Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS Feed Highlight Print Email to a Friend Report Inappropriate Content nm fixed with check over here

Resolution: The code is modified to display error and usage message when the incorrect syntax is used. (SR: QXCR1001239022) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2442827 (2149922) During DG import or deport, appropriate success Adding a non-clone disk to a clone diskgroup is not allowed # vxdisk set sdf clone=on # vxdg -g testdg adddisk sdf # vxdisk list DEVICE TYPE DISK GROUP STATUS sde Disable MSI on a bnx2 driver Today I had a customer telling me that his network on one machine is slow sometimes. VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-2349 Device disk_1 appears to be owned by disk group dg1. [[email protected] ~]# vxdg list NAME STATE ID dg0

It's probably worth it to purchase the license, but it doesn't hurt to know the sordid details anyway.The database migration method I presented using Veritas Volume Manager is one that I Since at this point, the ‘newckdg' diskgroup is a full-fledgeddiskgroup, there's really no need to leave those flags on, so the commands# vxdisk set c1t41d4s2 clone=off# vxdisk set c1t41d5s2 clone=offwill turn Assertion failed: (0), file auto_sys.c, line 1024 05/30 01:51:25: VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-0 IOT trap - core dumped The following stack trace is displayed: _lwp_kill+0x30() pthread_kill() raise() abort() assert() auto_info_get() auto_recover() Ofcourse, the volume ‘vol01′ has NOT been grown - that part is left to theadministrator to use the ‘vxresize' command, if that is desired.Leave a Comment more...Move a single volume to

  • You've decided that the new server will be running a new version of the operating system, and the DBA has confirmed that the database software is supported.
  • When a user tries to kill any of the daemons manually, the other instances of the daemons remain on the system. (SR : QXCR1001153801) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2386763 (2346470) The Dynamic
  • pubpaths: block=/dev/vx/dmp/s4 char=/dev/vx/rdmp/s4 privpaths: block=/dev/vx/dmp/s3 char=/dev/vx/rdmp/s3 ... $ vxsplitlines -v -g mydg ...
  • Run vxsplitlines# vxsplitlines -g dgD280silo1VxVM vxsplitlines NOTICE V-5-2-2708 There are 1 pools.The Following are the disks in each pool.
  • If the calculated number of cylinders exceeds the Solaris Volume Table of Contents (VTOC) limit (65535), the truncated value of number of cylinders is written in the CDS label due to
  • The default size for a DCO plex is 133 blocks.

The following error message is displayed: # vxcdsconvert -g alldisks evac_subdisks_ok=yes VxVM vxprint ERROR V-5-1-924 Record not found VxVM vxprint ERROR V-5-1-924 Record not found VxVM vxcdsconvert ERROR I'll demonstrate this last method, using Veritas Volume Manager, to quickly and reliably migrate a database.VxVM Migration PrerequisitesVeritas Volume Manager, available for most Unix platforms, has become the de facto LVM and the following stack trace is displayed: merge_attributes() get_attributes() do_make() main() (SR : QXCR1001153746) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2353421 (2334534) In a Cluster Volume Manager (CVM ) environment, a node join to Deport all of the new disk groups.

Resolution: The code has been modified to check for the presence of the "install-db" file and start the vxesd(1M) daemon accordingly. (SR: QXCR1001239065) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2821537 (2792748) During the join, During one such validation, it iterates through the list of the available Disk Access (DA) records to find a match with a given Disk Media (DM) record. Today a colleague asked me about a strange situation when adding new disks to a existing disk group in AIX 7.1. https://vox.veritas.com/t5/Storage-Foundation/VxVM-vxdg-ERROR-V-5-1-2349-Device-disk-0-appears-to-be-owned-by/td-p/599894 In time the data on the original volume changes, and the data on the snapshot volume becomes outdated.The presence of a FastResync map ensures that in an operation where the snapshot

The exit status code is zero but no volumes are started. (SR: QXCR1001239015) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2695231 (2689845) The data disk can go to a state of error when the data ORA-02082: a loopback database link must have a connection qualifier I have two Oracle databases, one (SID test9) and another (SID test10). nm fixed kiran-d Level 2 ‎10-30-2013 08:28 PM Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS Feed Highlight Print Email to a Friend Report Inappropriate Content nm fixed with Nagiosgraph allows you to add very nice graph...

I've noticed that VxVM is not consistent in restoring the owner and group id from the metadata. https://solarisway.wordpress.com/2015/12/11/adding-standardnon-cloned-disk-to-a-disk-group/ Dynamic Split and Join allow for the volume snapshots to be placed into a separate disk group, which can be deported and imported on another host for off-host processing. It can refer to the movement of the database from one server to another, such as moving from a Sun Enterprise E450 to a Sun Fire 4800 system. Given that Veritas Volume Manager was already installed and active on the machine, using its built-in volume snapshot features seemed natural.

Search for: Recent Posts Solaris 11 LinkAggregation Configuring Solaris 11 as iSCSIserver Migrating OVMM ( Oracle VMManager) Replace disks on veritas volume manager and increase filesystemonline Generating Certificate for iLOM andXSCF check my blog I've noticed that the permissions on the volumes do not get preserved. See"Disabling a disk group" on page201. The only problems remaining were to break off the volume with the snapshot in a manner that was supported by the vendor and did not present any risks, and to minimize

The files created with user id .root. Use -f option to force EFI removal. (SR: QXCR1001170682 ) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2353328(2194685) The vxconfigd(1M) daemon dumps core when array side ports are disabled/enabled in a loop for some iterations Developers all over the world collaborate on the same projects and access the same resources that must be 100% available during the business hours of their respective time zones. http://discusswire.com/vxvm-vxdg/vxvm-vxdg-error-v-5-1-581.html While the CVM join is hung in the user layer(also called as vxconfigd level join), on the CVM MASTER node, 'vxconfigd(1M)' (Volume Manager Configuration daemon) does not respond to any Veritas

By purchasing both a new server and new storage, you've set the stage to performing a database migration. Developers all over the world were using the system's resources throughout the day for mission-critical tasks. During the snapstart phase, disk group DG1 will look like this:v Vol01 fsgen ENABLED 286636032 - ACTIVE ATT1 -pl Vol01-01 Vol01 ENABLED 286656000 - ACTIVE - -sd DG101-01 Vol01-01 ENABLED 286656000

Resolution: The code is modified to replace the awk(1) command with the cut(1) command which does not have this limitation. (SR: QXCR1001239031) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2827939 (2088426) When a shared dg

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (Address never made public) Name Website You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. (LogOut/Change) You are commenting using Even the disks from new storage has udid_mismatch flag but no "clone" flag. This step is necessary, because we must create new disk groups in which to store our new volumes. Resolution: When SSB is detected in a diskgroup, CVM will only disable that particular diskgroup and keep the other diskgroups imported during the CVM Master Takeover, the new CVM master will

File system snapshots, however, do not allow off-host processing. Accordingly, partitions are determined but the format determination fails for these false partitions and the disk goes to a state of error as shown in the example. However, it imports the disk group "dg" with disk01. (SR: QXCR1001153819) SYMANTEC Incident Number: 2204146 (2200670) In a Campus Cluster environment, some disks are left detached and not recovered by the http://discusswire.com/vxvm-vxdg/vxvm-vxdg-error-v.html You must use the ‘updateid' flag as well, because we need tovalidate these disks, and make sure that they are no longer mismatchedwith regards to their UDID.

Due to this, the following error messages are seen in the console: [..] Jul XX 18:44:09 vienna vxvm:vxconfigd: [ID 702911 daemon.error] V-5-1-11092 cleanup_client: (Volume recovery in progress) 230 Jul XX 18:44:09 Then, it proceeds with a vxconfigd-level handshake with the nodes across the cluster. Clearing the locks allows those disks to be accessed at the same time from multiple hosts and can result in corrupted data. For example, consider a system with disk group "dg" containing disk disk01.Disk disk01 is cloned to disk02.

There are several prerequisites for performing a migration with VxVM.First, the database should to be built from raw device volumes. The '-n' option reads the configuration from the default configuration file and dgcfgrestore(1M) fails. This is explained in TECH196717.   *** Error when adding disk to DG:# /usr/sbin/vxdg -g oradg adddisk 002oradg=emc2_0fe5VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-0 Disk Group oradg has only cloned disks and tyring to Please follow the vxdg (1M) man page.