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Vxvm Vxdg Error V 5 1 10127

Hot-Relocation known issues Data layout and performance after relocation Hot-relocation does not guarantee the same layout of data or performance after relocation. Error messages seen during live upgrade When running the vxlufinish script to upgrade VxVM, you may see error messages similar to the following. Causes: Directory is missing, misnamed, or corrupted Solution: To remove and recreate this directory: # vxconfigd -k -x cleartempdir How to run vxconfigd in debug mode? # vxconfigd -k -m enable This contradicts the normal rule that only disk groups that are (non-temporarily) imported at the time of a crash are auto-imported. check over here

This value is usually 231-1 bytes (1 byte less than 2 terabytes). Use the -t flag to vxdg import. [13741] Volumes not started following a reboot During very fast boots on a system with many volumes, vxconfigd may not be able to auto-import Effect of disk errors on Volume Manager startup Startup of Volume Manager can be severely impacted by disk errors that result in I/O operations taking a long time to fail. Use the following command to trigger cluster-wide failback: # vxdisk scandisks All the nodes should now be using the primary path. https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.000089670

On an AIX 5.2 ML3 system, where VxVM is already installed and configured: Enter the following commands for each Fibre Channel adapter or controller: # chdev -l fscsiN -a fc_err_recov=fast_fail -P As a general rule, the number of inodes thatDMP creates for every LUN is 16 times the number of separate paths to the device. If the final layout is not what you intended, there are two solutions: If the task is not complete, stop the relayout and reverse it by using the following command: # Init and start the volume as below: # vxvol -g dg_dodgeprd4 init active dodgeprd4_data_1 This command will init the volume to active (start the plexes and volumes) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Metasave and file

To work around this, relocate the data on the last partition of the disk to a volume on a different disk, and free the space by reducing the partition size to This problem has been seen on EMC Symmetrix arrays with more than 8096 LUNs. [611333] DMP threads appear as processes Unlike the VxVM I/O daemons, DMP daemons, which are also kernel Device issues Unsupported disk arrays To ensure that DMP is set up correctly on a multiported JBOD or other disk array that is not supported by VxVM, use the procedure given Installation known issues Upgrading to Veritas Volume Manager 5.0 Refer to the Veritas Storage Foundation Installation Guide for instructions on upgrading an existing system on which Volume Manager is installed.

It shows how to exploit the potential of Veritas Storage Foundation by conveying information about the design concepts of the software as well as its architectural background. If they are different, then reboot the system to pick up the new disks. 2. Edit the nconfig=all on diskgroup 3. https://sort.veritas.com/public/documents/sf/5.0/solaris/html/sf_notes/rn_ch_notes_sol_sf29.html Errors when using JNI cards If the model number of your JNI card is one of FCE-1063, FCE2-1063, FCE-6410, FCE2-6410, or FCE2-6412, you may experience error messages of the form: Oct

After the system is up, start the Volume Manager service manually as follows # vxiod set 10 # ps -ef |grep vxconfigd. If a volume is created in a disk group that is compatible with the Cross-platform Data Sharing (CDS) feature, the volumes length and the values of volume attributes that define the For example, this can occur when attempting to import a disk group from a host that is being rebooted. [607096] Initializing a disk At least one object must be selected in To correct the problem, copy the SunOS_5.6 versions to the in-use module name: # cp vxio.SunOS_5.6 vxio Finally reboot the system. [13312] Encapsulation of swap partitions During encapsulation, VxVM does not

This is because site records cannot be propagated to a target disk group during such operations. https://sort.symantec.com/public/documents/sf/5.0/aix/html/sf_notes/rn_ch_notes_aix_sf37.html If the replacement disk is the same size as the disk that failed, confirm that the geometry of the replacement disk is the same, using the prtvtoc command. Create recovery image using Ignite-UX recovery command. Contact your disk drive or disk array manufacturer to determine whether your system disk drives use a write-back cache, and if the configuration can be changed to disable write-back-caching.

Mount operation can cause inconsistencies in snapshots Inconsistencies can arise in point-in-time copies if a snapshot administration operation is performed on a volume while a file system in the volume is http://discusswire.com/vxvm-vxdg/vxvm-vxdg-error-v.html Menu Close Search SOLUTIONS Solutions Overview Unstructured Data Growth Multi-Vendor Hybrid Cloud Healthcare Government PRODUCTS Product Overview Backup and Recovery Business Continuity Storage Management Information Governance Products A-Z SERVICES Services Overview It is therefore possible that a single subdisk that existed before relocation may be split into two or more subdisks on separate disks after relocation (if there is not enough contiguous Article:000014696 Publish: Article URL:http://www.veritas.com/docs/000014696 Support / Article Sign In Remember me Forgot Password? Don't have a Veritas Account? Create a Veritas Account now! Welcome First Last Your Profile Logout Sign in

Comments in Japanese on a snapshot volume are not saved or displayed correctly Comments that are entered in the Japanese character set in the Snapshot Options dialog of the Create Instant To install the correct kernel module versions, cd to the kernel/drv directory of the mounted root file system. The vxvol command exhibits the same problem. http://discusswire.com/vxvm-vxdg/vxvm-vxdg-error-v-5-1-581.html With 4.0 and above, when a disk is initialized from command line (vxdisksetup) or VEA by default, sets the disk layout to type "cdsdisk".

In fact, the operation fails. [565072] Maximum size of a volume The maximum size of a volume is shown as a rounded-down integer number of gigabytes. When the remote site comes back up: Replace the removed plexes using storage at the remote site: # vxassist -g diskgroup mirror volume nmirror=N \
remote_site_name Turn on the allsites attribute Comment out the vx parameter as follow: *rootdev:/pseudo/[email protected]:0 *set vxio:vol_rootdev_is_volume=1 3.

Preventing access to a disk by Volume Manager When Volume Manager starts up, it accesses every disk on the system by reading its disk header and possibly a few blocks from

  1. Veritas does not guarantee the accuracy regarding the completeness of the translation.
  2. Assuming that the simple disk is defined to be on c1t21d0s7, you would see the following entry in /etc/vx/volboot: disk c1t21d0s7 simple privoffset=1 After upgrading to VxVM 5.0, you must reboot
  3. Be aware that these options can result in data loss if used incorrectly.
  4. Check that the node has joined the cluster by using the following command: # vxclustadm nidmap The output from this command should show an entry for the node.
  5. For example, if a node has two paths, c1t2d0s2 and c2tsd0s2, you need to apply the format -e command to each of the two paths. [269566] Startup script messages not seen
  6. Snapshot known issues Cache volumes in volume sets Do not add cache volumes (used by space-optimized instant snapshots) to volume sets.
  7. Solution: Remove the files and take appropriate actions Problem: A conflicting host ID exists in /etc/vx/volboot file volboot file contains the host ID that was on the system when vxvm was
  8. That is, the replacement disk should have the same bytes per sector, sectors per track, tracks per cylinder and sectors per cylinder, same number of cylinders, and the same number of
  9. The workaround is to reinitialize the disks before creating the disk group (for example, by using the vxdisk -f init command), or to use the vxdg adddisk command to add the
  10. DMP devices in DISABLED state If cables to a dual-pathed disk array are swapped on the host, the corresponding DMP devices are placed in the DISABLED state, and I/O errors will

Available controllers not shown The Scan Disks By Controller View does not list the available controllers. [566619] Warning messages about exceeding SF Basic limitations are not propogated to Web GUI When In this case, you have to use vxassist convert to restore the volume to its original layout. Localization of ISP commands Output and error messages from ISP commands are displayed in English, instead of the locale language. Try importing by clearing the lock # vxdg -C -f import testdg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When vxdisk list show dgdisabled and there are other disks in the same diskgroup which are not imported

According to this article: The VERITAS Volume Manager 4.1 Administrators Guide explains why you are getting the error "VxVM vxmake ERROR V-5-1-6642 Length for subdisk is not a multiple of the Even if writes are only made to the snapshot volume, vxassist snapprint shows the same "%DIRTY" value for the original volume. Close Sign In Print Article Products Article Languages Subscribe to this Article Manage your Subscriptions Problem Unable to remove a disk or reclaim space from a disk that was physically http://discusswire.com/vxvm-vxdg/vxvm-vxdg-error-v-5-1-0.html Resizing volumes with detached remote plexes If a volume in a Remote Mirror configuration has detached plexes at a remote site, you can use the following procedure to resize it: Turn

If the script reports that any disks need to be re-initialized, back up the file systems and data residing on the volumes on those disks, and restore them after re-initializing the The state of the volumes is first set to empty, and then the initialization commands are executed: # vxmend -o force -g mydg fix empty vol # vxmend -o force -g