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Msgina.dll Windows 7


Winlogon will quit, and the system will not boot. When I attempt a Remote Desktop session to this upgraded system >I get the following message. "You cannot initiate a Remote Desktop Connection because Windows login software on the >remote computer If a smart card is present, msgina.dll forces on c-a-d to distinguish between a keyboard logon and a smart card logon. Resolution The following resolutions are available. navigate here

No, create an account now. When TRUE is returned, Winlogon will continue to initialize. No indication as to the reason for failure is given, but typical reasons include misspelled user names and passwords. Top of page Summary The information in this white paper expands upon and clarifies the current documentation for replacing the Microsoft Graphical Identification and Authentication Dynamic Link Library (MSGINA DLL), and https://support.symantec.com/en_US/article.TECH108244.html

Msgina.dll Windows 7

Value Meaning WLX_SAS_ACTION_NONE Returns to the default desktop. Change your password. This routine clears out the user process information and then calls Logon. Multiple Network Provider Support Multiple networks installed on a Windows system can be included in the authentication process and in password-updating operations.

  1. WLX_SAS_ACTION_SHUTDOWN_HIBERNATE Shuts down the system into hibernation.
  2. During WlxIsLockOk, msgina.dll checks for the presence of a smart card.
  3. WlxDisplayLockedNotice Winlogon calls this function when the workstation is placed in the locked state.
  4. A replacement GINA can provide similar or additional options to the Security Options screen.

Reply Periklis says: July 26, 2008 at 10:48 AM A very interesting site with top contents! Among the options listed are: Shut down the system. During the boot process, Winlogon creates three desktops: a user desktop, a system desktop, and a screen saver desktop. Windows 10 Gina WlxLoggedOutSAS Winlogon calls this function when it receives an SAS event while no users are logged on.

This function must be called before a logon process can use any other logon authentication functions provided by the LSA. Msgina.dll Location WlxShutdown Winlogon calls this function just before shutting down. The new authentication model on Windows Server 2008 and later systems removes GINA functionality (including customization). Continued Prototype for WlxGetStatusMessage BOOL WlxGetStatusMessage(   PVOID pWlxContext,   DWORD *pdwOptions,   PWSTR pMessage,   DWORD dwBufferSize); Return Values for WlxGetStatusMessage Value Meaning TRUE Return TRUE if the message was retrieved.

Jeffrey Randow (MVP), Mar 16, 2004 #1 Advertisements Show Ignored Content Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? Windows 7 Gina Registry Manual Fix A Windows Server 2012–compatible application should be delivered by its manufacturer. You can set this privilege by either using Windows NT User Manager or by calling LsaAddAccountRights. Makes sure to close connections on failed authentication.

Msgina.dll Location

To do this, set the registry value NoDomainUI of type [Reg_Dword] to a value of 1. Remarks Before calling WlxShutdown, Winlogon sets the desktop and workstation states as follows. Msgina.dll Windows 7 Any number of network providers. Msgina.dll Location Windows 7 Winlogon and a custom GINA interact as above or as follows: The GINA detects a predefined Secure Attention Sequence (SAS) event.

Prototype for WlxDisplaySASNotice VOID WlxDisplaySASNotice(   PVOID pWlxContext); Remarks Before calling WlxDisplaySASNotice, Winlogon sets the desktop and workstation states as follows. http://discusswire.com/windows-7/0x000000a5-windows-7.html LsaGetUserName This function returns the caller’s user name and domain name. WlxGetStatusMessage Winlogon calls this function to get the status message being displayed by the GINA DLL. MSDN Library MSDN Library MSDN Library MSDN Library Design Tools Development Tools and Languages Mobile and Embedded Development .NET Development Office development Online Services Open Specifications patterns & practices Servers and Msgina.dll Failed To Load

Provide feedback on this article Request Assistance Print Article Subscribe to this Article Manage your Subscriptions Search Again Situation When you boot the computer after installing ON Command CCM, you see Ginahook If you want to modify a smaller part of MSGINA, or perhaps change how it processes a particular action, you should look into the “ginahook” sample in MSDN. The actual path of the Winlogon key is: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. his comment is here The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in anyway.

LsaFreeReturnBuffer The LsaFreeReturnBuffer function frees the memory used by a buffer previously allocated by the Local Security Authority (LSA). Windows Credential Providers Prototype for LsaGetUserName NTSTATUS LsaGetUserName(   PUnicode_String *UserName,   Punicode_String *DomainName Optional); Return Values for LsaGetUserName Value Meaning NT_STATUS The privilege was found and returned. When there is mouse or keyboard activity, Winlogon returns to the system desktop and invokes the GINA's WlxDisplayLockedNotice function.

Standard SAS Recognition Winlogon defines a special SAS monitor class window and registers it with the Windows operating system as the "Logon Notify Window": The kernel sends this window SAS messages

It is only used for the initial logon that is necessary to gain access to Windows. Defining a New SAS Type Winlogon identifies Microsoft-predefined SAS types and calls the appropriate GINA functions; however, a third party can define its own SAS types and monitor for them independently. Prototype for WlxWkstaLockedSAS int WlxWkstaLockedSAS(   PVOID pWlxContext,   DWORD dwSasType); Return Values for WlxWkstaLockedSA WlxWkstaLockedSAS should return the following values. Microsoft Gina Wiki Terminal ServerIf this is a terminal server session and there was a version mismatch, then this routine must fail.

It then assigns the values of the fixed-up table to the correct function pointers. Similar Threads Error in ckpginashim.dll when use of Remote Desktop Connection Dag N, Nov 20, 2003, in forum: Windows XP Work Remotely Replies: 1 Views: 660 Jeffrey Randow (MVP) Nov 21, Running the user's logon scripts. weblink Subsequent (supplementary) authentication requests must be done using LsaCallAuthenticationPackage.

This function also gets all the function pointers, using WlxNegotiate to verify that Winlogon supports that version. Possible Error Codes Error code Description STATUS_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD The caller does not have the SeTcbPrivilege privilege, which is required to call this function. Prototype for WlxIsLockOk BOOL WlxIsLockOk(   PVOID pWlxContext); Return Values for WlxIsLockOk Value Meaning TRUE Return TRUE if it is acceptable to lock the workstation. Disable the Control+Alt+Delete logon box.

The audit log status is obtained with GetAuditLogStatus. Advanced Auto Fix Registry value HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\GinaDLL is removed in a Windows Installer transform. Options Registry Settings The Standard Features of MSGINA DLL section of this document outlines the registry settings that can be changed to modify the behavior of msgina.dll. Winlogon determines the system state when the SAS was detected.

Test Group/Test Category OS and Browser Compatibility/Windows Server 2012 Severity Error Message This Windows Installer database contains unsupported customized GINA functionality (Table: Registry, Key: [REGISTRY_KEY]). Sets the So that Desktop state The current desktop is the system desktop. If this is a terminal server session, then it must also create the home directory and set appropriate security on it. Set the IgnoreShiftOverride key value to 1 to disable this feature.

Reply Venugopalan kokkodan says: October 19, 2011 at 3:21 PM This help was well recommended and its highly useful. WLX_SAS_ACTION_SHUTDOWN Logs the user off and shuts down the computer. Recovering from a GINA-related System Failure Recovery is possible without reinstalling the system. Winlogon calls the appropriate GINA function.

Otherwise, if the wlx version is less than the Winlogon version, then there is a version mismatch, and the function table must be updated to the correct pointers. (See WlxInitialize.) Prototype Sets the So that Desktop state The current desktop is the system desktop. Or...